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just some odds 'n ends

- I'm co-director of Video Project, an impact-oriented distributor of documentary films

- I did this distribution webinar in collaboration with Filmmakers Collaborative SF, seemed pretty well received

- Was on this virtual panel for the Berlin & Beyond Film Festival called The Beauty of Immersion: Past, Present + Future of Cinema

- Guest lectured on distribution and film fests at Liverpool John Moores University and chaired the documentary jury for their MA film fest

- Wrote this piece on Nathan Fielder's series The Rehearsal where I attempted to clarify the muddied waters of non-fictional visual media and so called "hybrid" forms, including reflections from two of the most prominent filmmakers in this space, Robert Greene and Sophy Romvari. Ended up self-publishing as a google doc, but it was well circulated and received and has been cited in some other published pieces.

- Authored the blu-rays for filmmaker Albert Birney's animated masterpiece Tux and Fanny and its sequel Eyeballs in the Darkness, both purchasable here

- Was invited to submit a ballot to the 2022 Sight and Sound Greatest Films of All Time poll, here's what I said were my favorites

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