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i like frederick wiseman and the films he makes, I think they're very good. 

so good in fact that I talk about them on a semi-regular basis with film friend shawn glinis, as well as various film scholars, thinkers, and makers, record those conversations, and make them available to the general public for listening.

this would be "wiseman podcast", and you can find it in most of the places where people generally go for this kind of thing, I'm sure. 

also, we made some t-shirts, they say "fred wiseman was right" on them, like in the image on the right. If that seems like something you'd wear you can buy one by e-mailing

i've also guested on a number of other p-casts talking about various things, if you want to have me on feel free to reach out!


thumbnail image and shirt designs by bernadette mcverry

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